Security & Authorizations

Authorization Request

Granting authorizations made simple


The process of requesting and granting authorizations presents a challenge in many enterprises. If your company is looking for a way to ensure a smooth process, save resources and avoid unnecessary complications, ProfileTailor Authorization Request is the answer. A fully automated tool, it delivers a comprehensive solution for requesting and granting authorizations, while reducing manual efforts and significantly increasing security and confidence. Auditors and CIOs benefit from the added value of a streamlined process that cuts related expenses significantly and can be easily tracked.


  • Seamless integration, no changes are required to SAP.
  • Easily controlled process via web and email.
  • Increased security and confidence.
  • Well documented and clear view of entire process.
  • Fully automated solution reducing manual efforts significantly.


  • Unique behavior-based usage analysis, delivering unmatched levels of control and security.
  • Fully automated process, simplifying requesting and granting authorizations considerably.
  • Alert is sent immediately if standard procedures for granting authorizations are bypassed.
  • Sophisticated behavior-based tests verify the necessity of an authorization request, as well as the requester’s identity.
  • Values are automatically completed in order to save time.
  • Tests are performed in the background, demanding attention only in case of suspicious requests.
  • Includes RoleAdvisor™, enabling managers to allocate best suited roles in a matter of seconds, while indicating the authorization role which minimizes risk the most.



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