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  • "Our long-term relationship with Xpandion started as we entered into a very large global rollout project; ever since we have been enjoying the company’s products and innovations...."

    Avi Averbuch, Global Authorization Manager at ZIM

  • "Choosing Xpandion’s ProfileTailor Dynamics for our organization has proven to be an excellent decision. We have now maintained control over Segregation of Duties, locating any sensitive accounts and identifying the actual user and exact time of use..."

    Richard Symes, SAP Competence Manager at Scapa

  • "ProfileTailor significantly increased the hospital’s security level by eliminating SAP_ALL authorizations, narrowing authorizations according to actual usage, and removing inactive users..."

    Rafi Maman, SAP Division Manager at Hadassah Medical Center

About Xpandion

Xpandion is the leading provider of ERP usage inspection solutions, delivering unprecedented real-time visibility into management systems, significantly improving security, optimizing licensing usage and enabling GRC/SOX compliance. Available in cloud or on-premises, Xpandion’s ProfileTailor™ Dynamics suite is implemented rapidly and does not require any changes to monitored systems.


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in Security & AuthorizationsPosted by Moshe Panzer

3 Easy Ways to Prepare for the Event of Employee Leave

“Leaving us so soon, Mr. Solo?” This famous quote might sound good in the movies, but in a business environment, the event of an employee leaving your company can cause some serious security issues if not treated properly. Let’s talk about why and what you can do to prevent these risky situations. Two Types of Employee Leave In general, there are two types of leave: planned leave and unplanned lea... read more...

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Optimize Your SAP Licensing by Using Workflows

Say the word “workflow” and most people would probably think you mean a step-by-step process that involves logistics processes or financial modules. Well… this is mostly true, but what about a workflow process for SAP licensing? From our experience, using a workflow here could lead to very interesting and surprising cost saving situations. read more...

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Missing Data. Corrupted Data: 4 Tactics to Keep Your Data Clean

SAP Licensing and Authorizations Managers: How do you know that your final report is not relying on corrupted data? Maybe you have a software tool that analyses the data for you – but is any data missing or corrupted to begin with? How do you know? read more...

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