Xpandion Enters India to Help Companies Optimize and Secure SAP®

Israeli software firm Xpandion appoints Teqdis to bring SAP® Certified optimization solutions into India through the SAP® Partner Channel

Manchester, UK. Wednesday, 02 March 2011: XPANDION, a Tel Aviv based provider of solutions that improve SAP® security and optimize SAP licenses, announced the availability of its ProfileTailor Suite and LicenseAuditor through enterprise software distributor Teqdis and SAP service partners. A SAP certified partner, Xpandion develops cutting edge technologies that provide effective solutions for monitoring auditing & re-assessment of risks in the SAP environment. Xpandion’s suite of solutions provides unique, systems analysis carried out by analytic tools combined with a business user-behavior algorithm, all in real-time. These behavior-based analytical tools optimize and simplify SAP-driven enterprise management systems, making them thin and controllable.

This approach to behavior analysis meets the challenges of coping with a vast amount of information and with numerous behavioral patterns. Analysis of user behavior and system analysis at the functional level enable us to provide new insights for CISOs, Information Security Managers, Risk Directors, SAP Licensing Managers and Authorization Managers in organizations.

ProfileTailor™Dynamics delivers, for the first time, total visibility of actual, real-time authorization usage; Increases SAP security & control; Decreases costs of SoD, SOX, and Authorizations Projects; Monitors the access & operations of SAP systems; Generates detailed dynamic usage profile analyses for SAP users and sends alerts about unusual or unacceptable activity, including risk severity level in real-time.

ProfileTailor™ LicenseAuditor is an advanced solution for optimizing SAP licenses, enabling the smart purchase of future SAP licenses, as well as the intelligent management of dormant, underused, misclassified, and duplicate accounts. LicenseAuditor is an enterprise necessity to have implemented prior to ordering new SAP usernames and before annual license fee negotiations. Xpandion Software Solutions are external to SAP systems, assuring confidentiality - and requires no changes in SAP with fast implementation and almost immediate impact on ROI. No Hardware is required.

“India is a country that abounds with medium to large enterprises, companies that have embraced technology such as SAP and have reaped the benefits that such a synergy has brought. SAP is one of the most widely used systems in India and companies using it are only too aware of the costs of licensing that they have to meet annually and the continual need to ensure that such systems are used to the best possible advantage. Xpandion ProfileTailor™ Dynamics and ProfileTailor™ LicenseAuditor ensures that SAP users not only get the best out of their investment but also utilize their licenses as efficiently as possible. We are most honoured to be representing Xpandion, a recognised and respected SAP development partner. We see extremely good market potential for Xpandion in India where cost saving is an established mantra” stated Teqdis CEO Jay Savoor.

Moshe Panzer, founder and CEO of Xpandion concluded, “Xpandion is very excited to work with Teqdis and we are looking forward to doing great deals with them in India. India is an important market for Xpandion, offering us a dynamic business environment and the potential for massive growth. Xpandion is focused on growing its business here and this new partnership with Teqdis further expands our reach to enable us to service Indian businesses throughout the subcontinent.”

Xpandion products are available through Teqdis and all SAP partners. Customers enquiring may contact Teqdis by emailing “sales at Teqdis dot com” or call 022 6746 4215 and ask for Benison Vaz or Jay Savoor.


About Xpandion
Focused on the areas of SAP® security and licensing, Xpandion creates user-friendly, easily deployed, automated management solutions for SAP's global customers while working externally to the SAP system.

About Teqdis
Teqdis Limited is headquartered in Manchester, UK. The company is a niche, yet leading edge technology distributor for enterprise computing solutions in the Indian subcontinent.

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