Facing SAP Audit Inspection with Ease


SAP audit inspections are inevitable, but mostly very stressful for any organization. If your company is facing an imminent SAP inspection and must quickly be prepared for the auditors, LicenseAuditor Inspection provides the ideal solution for such situations. A cloud-enabled tool for optimizing SAP licenses, it delivers the current status of licenses in a matter of hours, preparing companies to face their auditors with confidence and success.

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  • Trusted cloud-based solution, accessed via browser.
  • Avoid the stress from forthcoming audit inspections.
  • Be fully prepared before auditors arrive.
  • Detailed and clear results within hours.


  • Generates reports, to be submitted as is to auditors, in a matter of hours.
  • Accurately determines the suitable license plan for each and every user.
  • Delivers analysis and reports for improved future SAP licensing purchase.
  • Provides additional optimization options for license investments and related expenses.