Securing SAP investment


In today’s complex SAP environment, enterprises are compelled to find a way to secure their SAP investment and manage SAP licenses within their enterprise effectively. If your enterprise is seeking a way to gain control over SAP usage and licensing costs, ProfileTailor LicenseAuditor is the answer. A powerful, end-to-end solution:

  • Enables organizations to utilize their licenses efficiently
  • Understanding which licenses are really needed
  • Understanding which licenses best suit user activities and which accounts are underused, misclassified or dormant.
ProfileTailor LicenseAuditor is especially beneficial before negotiating annual license fees or ordering new SAP usernames, as it can save 50%-90% per each classified license.
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  • Substantial saving in SAP licensing
  • 50%-90% per reclassified licenses
  • 15% on overall maintenance fees
  • Up to 50% on SAP license management resources<
  • Installed externally to SAP, no need for SAP expertise.
  • Provides clear view of licensing possibilities for optimized models.
  • Easily produces detailed reports.
  • Enables full customization of activity groups.
  • Provides both instant and previous snapshots of license usage.
  • Provides organizations with a simple and clear view of their status, especially beneficial when ordering new usernames and prior to purchasing additional licenses.


  • Automated identification of dormant, underused, misclassified and duplicate accounts across different systems and applications.
  • Learns each user’s behavior patterns on a continuous basis and recommends the best suited licensing plan accordingly.
  • Delivers unique methods for license inspection such as measuring activity amount, type of usage and fully customizable activity groups.
  • Enables enterprises to control both current and future SAP usage and licensing costs.
  • Includes real-time graphical and statistical presentation of SAP license utilization.
  • Reclassifies licenses based on actual user behavior and license consumption, achieving maximum optimization.