Avoiding Hidden Costs


In today’s complex SAP environment, many organizations seek a reliable tool for monitoring SAP engines. The complexity of SAP software engines presents a real challenge for enterprises in terms of compliance and resources. Many overlook the fact that SAP licensing is not only based on license-per-user, but includes software engines as well. If your company wishes to avoid hidden costs and pay only for what is actually needed and used, LicenseAuditor Engines is the answer. It easily enables enterprises to assess their SAP engines, clearly understand which engines are actually being used and finally achieve best possible payment models.

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  • Installed externally to SAP, available in both cloud and on-premises versions.
  • Clear view of engine possibilities, ensuring that you pay only for what you really need and actually use.
  • Automated processes with detailed reports for enhanced efficiency and full control over engine consumption.
  • Better negotiation points with evident documentation, facilitating in preparing for SAP licensing audits.


  • Optimizes SAP engine pricing according to de-facto usage.
  • Defines each active engine, its purpose and consumption.
  • Alerts before engine consumption is complete, for better licensing options.
  • Documents agreements per engine for later inspection.
  • Presents visual usage of each engine and engine-group for identifying trends in engine usage and licensing.