Optimizing SAP licenses


Companies are compelled to manage SAP licenses in the most effective way in order to protect their SAP investment and gain control over system consumption. If your organization requires a solution that will enable smarter purchase of SAP licenses, alongside efficient management of dormant, underused, misclassified, and duplicate accounts, LicenseAuditor is the best solution.
Using LicenseAuditor, enterprises demonstrate:

  • Significant savings in SAP expenses
  • Better understand the complex SAP licensing model, saving on valuable related resources
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  • Installed externally to SAP and requires no SAP expertise.
  • Presents clear view of licensing possibilities for both current and future plans.
  • Enables full customization of activity groups.
  • Provides both instant and previous snapshots of license usage.
  • Ensures compliance by comparing license agreement to actual license consumption.


  • Identifies simultaneous usage of SAP licenses preventing double payments.
  • Enables full customization of activity groups and support for different licensing types.
  • Assists in reclassifying users according to actual usage, eliminating low–activity licenses.
  • Presents clear view of complex SAP licensing model, enabling better management.
  • Provides instant snapshots of license usage and saves for later review and analysis.