How to Become a Successful Security/Authorization Manager

The more Security and SAP Licensing Managers that Xpandion works with, the more confirmation we receive that there is a distinct difference in the actions taken by successful managers vs.  unsuccessful managers.  Using ProfileTailor Dynamics/ LicenseAuditor these successful managers implement specific action items which are the only ones possible to increase ROI and decrease TCO in the world of SAP.

Part 1 – Immediate Impact Projects

No matter what company type, the underlying attitude that successful managers share is the focus on ‘Immediate Impact’ types of projects at the onset of their position. The most obvious and important example would be to assess and eliminate as many power users as possible throughout the organization. Using ProfileTailor Dynamics one can quickly and easily remove the “SAP_ALL” profile and create a dedicated authorization profile for each power user just by using a few clicks of a button. An alternate example would be to implement a more simple set of between 5-10 rules of (for example)-Segregation of Duties.

This type of task can easily be reduced to only 2 days worth of work and immediately position the Security/Authorization Manager as an initiator of successful projects resulting in reliability, increased security and an almost immediate budgetary impact.   Upon completion- the ProfileTailor Dynamics system can track SoD violations immediately-That means any unusual behavior is reported via an alerts as it happens.

Part 2 – High Impact Low Risk

Successful managers try to leverage what they can from their resources.  Let’s assume that the organization is using either SAP-HR or Active Directory to manage their employees. Using ProfileTailor Dynamics, managers can efficiently implement PTD’s built-in, ready-to-use workflow process for an authorization request.  The immediate impact on the entire organization is to thoroughly reassess and streamline resources all the way up to Auditors and top-managers level.  To put it in the simplest of terms, this project stands to save a potential of thousands of man hours over the course of the process.

Part 3 – Focus on the Money 

Successful managers always focus on decreasing cost. In today’s climate, it’s impossible to overlook the financial impact and ROI (or lack thereof) from each project.   Project must be initialized with the intent of decreasing TCO built in.

One increasingly important and often overlooked project in this all too important “Decrease TCO ” arena is simple.  The necessary elimination of unused, dormant SAP accounts.  To do this, the organization must reclassify their SAP licenses and reduce the numbers of roles in the organization – the main functionalities in  ProfileTailor Dynamics/LicenseAuditor.  Using this software, which is easily justifiable to management given the immense long term savings, offers the highest impact on ROI.

Immediate Decrease of TCO + Increasing ROI = Indispensable Manager

These projects are especially successful in SMEs as upper management in smaller and medium sized enterprises are much more involved in lower management level positions.

The CEO might see their Security/Authorization Manager every day.  Because of this, the resulting impact of the 3 projects outlined above is much more visible to upper management.  Since the actual implementation time is fast and the impact to the bottom line is practically instant, the Security/Authorization Manager is immediately able to show their value to the organization and in these tough economic times, showing your value by increasing the company’s is priceless.

Yoav Michaeli

Yoav Michaeli joined Xpandion in 2008 as a team leader, and in 2010 Mr. Michaeli began managing the entire Research & Development group of the company. Prior to joining Xpandion, Mr. Michaeli served in an elite technological unit of the Israeli Defense Forces as a team leader for various key military projects. Among other achievements, he was instrumental in pioneering the use of advanced .NET technologies for large scale distributed systems. Mr. Michaeli is an expert in programming, agile development, application security and specialized programming techniques.