How SAP Authorizations and 6-Year Olds are Related

How SAP Authorizations and 6-Year Olds are Related

It’s the holidays and the kids are home.

It’s really great to be with them. After many jam-packed school and work-filled months, we finally get the opportunity to spend some precious time together. And more time together. …And more time together. And I start noticing things, like the similarity between the situation at home and processes at work…

Take for example the whining about the iPad and compare it to a standard process for granting SAP authorizations. It goes like this:

“Mom, I want to play with the iPad.”

“No, you don’t need it, you’ll break it.”

“But mooommm” in a whiny voice, “I really want it, want it, want it!”

“Well…. Let’s see what dad thinks.” “Honey, can we let Johnny use the iPad?”

“Yes, but please ask him to be careful… and don’t let him use email!”

“OK, Johnny, here’s the iPad. But be very careful. It’s dad’s, and he said not to use email.”

– An hour later –



“Can I have the iPhone?”

“But you had the iPad, and after 10 minutes you went to watch TV.”

“Yes, but now I want to use the iPhone. Pleaaassseee can I have the iPhone? Pleaaaaasssseeee….”

Compare the above with this:

“Tom, I need an authorization to view invoices.”

“But you have one already.”

“Yeah, but it’s not the one that Sheila is using. Hers has more features.”

“No, it’s the same functionality.”

“But, I still really need it.”

“Well, if your manager approves it, we can grant it to you, but only for company code 1000.”

– A month later –

“Tom, I need an authorization to view invoices, like George.”

“We gave you one last month and you didn’t use it.”

“Yes, but this time it’s different. George has a better transaction for invoices in the portal. It does more, and I want it too.”

Hmmm… Very interesting. Does this work situation sound familiar?

– Back on the home front a couple of days later –

Your wife asks you, “Honey, did you notice how many apps Johnny’s put on the iPad? I want you to check them and see what’s OK for his age.

…and while you’re going about this task, you can’t fight the idea that what you’re really doing is conducting an authorization review process…

Can you see more similarities?

Here’s to a great 2014!

Moshe Panzer and

The Xpandion Team

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