Understanding SAP authorizations for HR


Data related to personnel administration transactions is highly sensitive as it enables access to confidential information about any employee within an organization. The potential for risk extends over accessing general information such as family status, to obtaining specific information like bank details and salary.
Due to the complexity of SAP© HCM Authorization, organizations lack the ability to determine which authorizations are used, unused, underused, or duplicated. If your organization is ready to take data management to the next level, ProfileTailor HCM Auditor is the solution that will ensure ongoing monitoring of HCM activity usage, while pinpointing the exact user performing a single action and even the exact object itself.

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  • Easily achieved control over SAP HR/HCM systems
  • Unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time authorization usage of SAP
  • Immediate alerts facilitate instant reaction and data leakage prevention
  • Easily retrieve data for analysis purposes
  • Sophisticated reports, dashboards and alerts provide ongoing warnings of unusual activity


  • Suspected security breaches are analyzed and scored according to predetermined levels of severity
  • Streamlined authorizations over full cycle of implementation:
    • Clear view of who has authorization to access specific infotypes, subtypes, personnel areas, employee groups, etc
    • Know who displayed or changed HCM data including type of data
    • Alerts sent for unusual activity enabling immediate response
  • Alerts can be sent immediately or compiled into daily or weekly reports to maximize efficiency
  • All event data is kept in the system, and is available for future inspection