Take Control over SAP Authorizations!

Not only are SAP Authorizations complex, but also the authorization team has to be in control at all times. Events like granting sensitive permissions or identifying suspicious use of risky SAP authorizations cannot be ignored and must be taken care of immediately. In answer to these needs, ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations was designed to give a 360° control over SAP Authorizations and Behavior-based Security.

Get Insights about SAP Authorizations, Be the Expert!

ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations was designed with both novice users and professional experts in mind. Novice users can easily feel like experts, having all the in-depth data of SAP Authorizations without the need to delve into the fine details of SAP Authorizations, like objects and fields. They can optimize authorization roles and be in control over sensitive SAP permissions without needing high-end technical knowledge.

SAP Authorization experts can enjoy a simple yet intense analytics tool that can help them investigate and improve the current SAP Authorization situation in no time. Many SAP authorization experts have proclaimed it to be the easiest and best analytical tool to deeply investigate SAP authorizations and get insights that they couldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

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Knowing what is going on is the key to behavior-based security. However a large amount of users with a large amount of permitted activities makes the task of knowing what’s going on virtually impossible without using a dedicated tool. ProfileTailor Dynamics Security and Authorizations makes it simple. Since it’s based on behavior-analysis of user activity, you can:

Control the Flow of Granting Authorizations

All authorizations should be granted carefully; sensitive authorizations even more so. Therefore, it is crucial to control the process of granting authorizations and to periodically review authorizations to verify that they are still required. ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations includes the following workflow processes to ensure compliance:

  • Authorization Request – a pre-configured workflow process for when new SAP authorizations are needed. Includes a friendly user portal, preset approval steps, and a unique tool called RoleAdvisor that locates the best authorizations for a role. An indispensable tool. Read more about the authorization request process.
  • Authorization Review – a complete process for when managers need to periodically approve employee authorizations. This is a must-have to ensure a sound authorization structure. Read more about reviewing employee authorizations.
  • Emergency Access – a comprehensive process that allows the granting of instant power-level authorizations in urgent cases using a predefined emergency access workflow. Users access a portal to request immediate access, explain their reasons, and receive the access. A detailed report about their activities during the time they had access is sent afterwards to management. This tool is a true aid for getting the job done fast, and safely. Read more about Emergency Access.

Employ Usage Data to Reduce Redundant Authorizations

The user behavior algorithms unique to ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations allow you to narrow down sensitive authorization, reduce risks and lower maintenance resources. The software builds dedicated business-profiles for each user and recommends which unused sensitive authorization roles can be removed.

  • Identify “Who is doing what” and answer questions like “What can this employee do?”
  • Identify a global view of authorization structure and the amount of use of each through a set of Excel matrices
  • Query user authorizations from the detailed level of authorization objects, through activities and roles, and up to the virtual level of business processes