Defend Your SAP from Cyber Hacking!

Hacking 2.0: Sophisticated Hackers Aim for ERP systems

In today’s technologically advanced world, hacking is no longer done for fun or the purpose of getting credit card numbers. These days, professional hackers are planning well-thought-out attacks directly aimed at organizational ERP systems – where all the most valuable information is located.

In most cases, an organization creates barriers for their database, but doesn’t monitor their ERP application. Because of this, smart hackers will try to hack the SAP system, rather than going after the database. Planned attacks are focused on financial information, sales data or employee data – all of which have significant impact on an organization.

A robust cyber security program, such as ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations, can secure your current SAP systems and identify hacking the moment it takes place.

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So how can you defend yourself from these
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Routine Checks


Identify Irregular Behavior

In most cases, hacking is performed by hijacking a legitimate user account, regardless of whether it has administrator privileges or not. Because of this, you can’t defend your system solely with static controls.

The most effective way to identify hacking attempts is to recognize irregular behaviour and react to it immediately. ProfileTailor Dynamics for Security & Authorizations builds a dynamic business profile for each user account, monitors all user activity and compares it to the user’s profile. Any irregular activity of the user is immediately reported to the CISO or security team and can be rectified from there.

Adding Alerts and Event Monitoring Capabilities

In addition to monitoring irregular behavior, ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations monitors a large number of security events, such as access to sensitive data, logins from irregular hosts and achieving highly sensitive permissions.

Each event will trigger an immediate alert or open a workflow process for deeper analysis. Alerts are sent via email or transferred to the organization’s central messaging system. By using event monitoring and alerts, you’re in full control over your SAP applicative security.

Add Routine Checks

Simply monitoring operations is not enough of a preventative measure on its own. For this reason, ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations includes a set of continuous controls and audit reports that run periodically.

Reports such as Privileged User Activity and workflow processes such as Authorization Review ensure maximum security around the clock. It’s easy to schedule reports and you can ask for managers’ approval to them using the system. Using scheduled reports and approvals creates a situation in which authorizations and monitoring is becoming part of the organizations and security becomes a significant part of managers.

Simplify ERP Licensing, GRC Compliance and Authorizations

ProfileTailor Dynamics’ suite of products includes additional capabilities that effectively address the use of authorizations and compliance standards for handing GRC challenges. If you’re ready to take control over your SAP security and authorizations