Managing User Permissions

The process of requesting and granting users the permissions required to perform their job functions can be very tedious.  Managing these permissions can also be very complicated especially without an automated solution. The user runs the risk of violating various compliance mandates such as SOX, internal operational polices as well as segregation of duties.

Many organizations find themselves losing control of user permissions over time as employees move from one role to another, their access to the various systems increases thus elevating the risk of violating policies and data breaches.  This often occurs in organizations that do not have the capacity or the proper tools to manage and track user permissions efficiently.

Xpandion’s ProfileTailor is a fully automated solution that delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities to request, grant, and manage user permissions, all the while reducing manual efforts and significantly increasing your security.  Auditors and CIOs benefit from having a streamlined process that reduces expenses and is easily monitored.  This solution will also reduce the time spent and inevitable difficulties that surface in preparing for your next user permission review or audit.

Main Benefits

  • Control and manage user permissions in SAP, Microsoft and other environments from a single point
  • Avoid violating external and internal policies while granting new user permissions
  • Automate processes such as access review(s) and access request(s) with a strong dedicated workflow system
  • Continuously monitor and control events that involve user permissions such as creating new user accounts, change of positions within the organization, temporary user accounts and more

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