Controlled authorization review process


Periodical reviews of employee authorizations are performed for various reasons: compliance with SOX, meeting other regulatory demands and internal control over organizational operations. No matter what the reason is, the process can be extremely strenuous, yet is essential for reducing business risk, saving valuable resources and finally, facing auditors successfully.

If your company is looking to automate and simplify the authorization review process, and better control audit compliance in today’s strict regulatory landscapes, ProfileTailor Authorization Review is the solution for you. Web-based, end-to-end platform, it facilitates gaining control over internal processes alongside easily and confidently preparing for external auditors.

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  • Significantly lower overhead costs
  • Easily manage process via web browser
  • No need for SAP expertise
  • Please auditors with well-documented and controlled processes
  • Reach accurate decisions based on actual authorization usage


  • Advanced behavioral profiling analysis – learns and displays the actual usage of all authorizations within an organization, allowing managers to determine the real necessity of each authorization and reduce authorization-related costs significantly.
  • Automated process – eliminates the need to use spreadsheets, send emails or chase after employees.
  • Fully transparent system – delivers auditors clear documentation and complete history records, enabling them to view and examine the entire process at any given time.
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities with unique actual real-time usage analysis – enables functional control over the review process, accelerating successful audit compliance.
  • Sophisticated reporting and alerting system – alerts process owners in order to prompt managers to attend to open authorizations, ensuring efficient process from start to end.