The Power of Xpandion Resides in Our Name

The Pandion in Xpandion

The Pandion Raptor (Osprey) is a member of the mighty falcon family. Pandions are especially unique in that they are able to fly at very high altitudes but still have the ability to look down and scan vast views below them with such precision, that spotting even the minutest details, such as a small fish swimming in the water, never go unnoticed. Xpandion’s innovative enterprise software or SAAS/Cloud grants SAP customers a 360 degree view of real-time system activity, down to the smallest details. And like the Pandion, when Xpandion spots any suspicious behavior, it swoops in quickly and efficiently with immediate alerts.

The X-Pand in Xpandion

Xpandion e-x-p-a-n-d-s system visibility to SAP customers. Authorized users are able to query their SAP systems quickly and easily saving time and reducing dependency on expensive external resources.

For more information about Xpandion’s mascot, the mighty Pandion Raptor:

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