Take Control over ERP with Xpandion

Xpandion is the leading provider of ERP usage inspection solutions, delivering unprecedented real-time visibility into management systems, significantly improving security, optimizing licensing usage and enabling GRC/SOX compliance. Available in cloud or on-premises, Xpandion’s ProfileTailor™ Dynamics suite is implemented rapidly and does not require any changes to monitored systems.

The Need

In today’s complex ERP-based environment, companies are compelled to enhance enterprise security while reducing related expenses and optimizing various workflow processes. Achieving control over management systems is an ongoing challenge that entails:
  • Reducing authorizations and preventing data leakage
  • Managing business risk and controlling audit-sensitive activities
  • Optimizing SAP licensing models
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Unique Value Proposition

Xpandion offers automated behavioral-based learning analysis and control solutions, available in Cloud or local installation. Xpandion addresses customer needs in the following fields:
  • Security & Authorizations – achieves full control of SAP usage from application-security point of view with unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time SAP authorization usage.
  • GRC/Segregation of Duties – reduces GRC expenses by 30%-50%, fully preparing customers for auditors, pinpointing violations of SoD rules and reducing business risks.
  • SAP Licensing – optimizes SAP investments, granting control over licensing in both local and global environments, preparing organizations for annual SAP audits.

Products by Xpandion

  • ProfileTailor Security & Authorizations – grants full control over user authorizations including related processes, continuously monitoring management system users and sending alerts about unusual activities, as well as risk severity level.ly.
  • ProfileTailor LicenseAuditor – delivers real-time visibility of actual SAP® license usage, simplifying licensing models, enabling better management of licenses and achieving full control of SAP usage.
  • ProfileTailor GRC – enables compliance with GRC/SOX/SoD requirements, identifying violations on static level of granting authorizations to users, supporting authorization related processes and analyzing dynamic violations from rules as a compensating control.