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SAP Licensing eBook

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Are your SAP Licenses being utilized efficiently? Which licenses do you really need? How can you bring about a successful Audit?This guide answers these questions so you can easily control SAP Licensing and comply with your SAP contract.Download this eBook nowIn this eBook, you will learn:SAP Licensing Concepts: From Contract to AuditHow to...
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eBook: How to Perform a Successful Authorization Review

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What's the status of your employees’ authorizations? Are they being used?  Should any be removed? Are you complying with SOX requirements? Our popular 50-page eBook will set you up for a successful Access Review. It’s loaded with tons of knowledge, tips and tricks, and based on years of experience and experience from our...
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SAP Authorizations Concept - Simplified

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The SAP Authorizations Concept for beginners - an overview for SAP and non-SAP users.This document is for anyone who wants simple explanations - covering some of the basics of the SAP® Authorization Concept. The information contained in this paper will be especially useful to CIOs, CISOs and SAP Authorization Managers, and will enable them to...



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