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Frequently Asked Questions About Xpandion

What does your company do?

Xpandion produces software that helps companies control SAP Authorizations, maintain GRC compliance and optimize SAP licensing costs.

Does your company sell software or consulting services?

Xpandion produces software. We do offer software support but not consulting services. However, when required, we recommend that customers obtain additional implementation and consulting services from our certified partners in order to ensure optimal satisfaction. If you’d like to get more information about our certified partner program, contact us.

With what other software does your product integrate? I only see SAP listed on your website.
SAP is the most popular software with which our products integrate, and the most requested by our customers. Our products also integrate with Oracle EBS, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint, AS/400 iSeries systems, VMS, Priority ERP, Movex ERP, Microsoft ERP, SalesForce and more.
Can I get your products in the cloud?
Definitely, yes. As announced back in 2012, all of our products are available on the cloud.
How much does your product cost?

Our pricing model is based on the number of monitored applications and monitored users. If you’re interested in getting a dedicated price quote, contact us.

Do you offer free tools?

Definitely, yes! Find them here.

I’m interested in your software products. How can I connect with you to discuss them?

Just fill out this form, here: We’d be happy to help!

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