New multi-level licensing optimization for global enterprises

New multi-level licensing optimization for global enterprises

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 21, 2011: Xpandion, a leading provider of software solutions for enterprise security and licensing products, today unveiled a breakthrough function in multi-level license optimization for large international enterprises.

The new function accesses a unique layer of license optimization, designed especially for complex global organizations using business applications such as SAP®. This advanced capability of LicenseAuditor, both as SaaS/Cloud and classic enterprise software, now dramatically optimizes SAP® licensing costs for multi-tiered organizations that operate in numerous territories simultaneously.

In such organizations, the new function enables each subsidiary unit to control and optimize its own licenses while headquarters also have a panoramic financial view of all its subsidiaries.

Subsidiaries can now manage their own data within the parameters set by headquarters, whilst operating independently of their sister subsidiaries. Each supervising unit can control and manage all of its sub-units. At the same time, central licensing administrators at headquarters can set parameters that automatically dictate the use of specific data within its subsidiaries. For example, supervising unit “Europe” can control the data for sub-units “Spain” and “France”.

“Until now, with so many large organizations struggling under multi-tiered platforms, there has been no progress creating an attainable solution for the optimization of their SAP licenses.” says Moshe Panzer, CEO of Xpandion. “Support has been direly needed for multi-level optimization. Xpandion’s LicenseAuditor gives companies the capability to meet this need for the first time ever.“

LicenseAuditor’s new sub-structuring supports two pricing models for each license type: one price for internal costing (headquarters to subsidiary) and a second external price (organization to SAP direct contract). This allows two levels of cost optimization that further enhances the efficiency of SAP license usage.

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