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Using ST03N as a Foundation for SAP Licensing

Posted by in Licensing & SAM
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Don't overlook all of the functions of SAP T-Code ST03N. Some of them can be very useful for classifying users to SAP license types according to their de-facto behavior.

b2ap3 thumbnail LicenseAuditor-optimizes-SAP-Licensing

ProfileTailor LicenseAuditor optimizes SAP Licensing

When the average SAP person hears "ST03N" he'll say, "That's BASIS guys' stuff. We're not BASIS guys, we're Managers. Give me something for Managers." But they may not know that during recent years, SAP added functionality to some "classic BASIS" T-Codes and changed the design in such a way that ST03N can be understood for specific purposes by non-technical people too. We will cover only one aspect of it in detail–how it's used in relation to SAP Licensing–however ST03N is quite an interesting SAP T-Code for usage inspection in general.

How the Information is Gathered and Organized

First, let's understand in non-technical words how the data is organized. In a standard configuration, SAP monitors the system continuously and records a lot of usage data. This data includes users' activity, RAM utilization, disk usage and more. The amount of data is so huge each day, that SAP summarizes it every 48-72 hours (the exact value is set by your BASIS guy) into daily statistics records. These records don't include the exact time of each activity, they only include the date on which it was performed. After a week, the last seven daily statistics records are summarized into weekly statistics records, and then into monthly statistics after 4 weeks.

So, if we open ST03N on Thursday, October 17th we will find monthly records up until September, weekly records for the first and the second week of October, two daily summaries for Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th, and 48 hours of detailed data for Wednesday and Thursday. This means that we can know what a person was doing in detail 10 hours ago, but we can only know that he used activity MM02 (the activity for changing material's details) sometime in August.

Going Deeper into a Person's Activity

Now let's investigate a certain person's activity in order to analyze which license type this person needs. Note that activity is not the only parameter that one needs for a decent answer about license types, but it will give you a good starting point to see if this person is using only "Employee" self-activities, like updating his own hours report, or cross-organizational "Professional" T-Codes, like creating purchase orders.

According to what we explained above, if we analyzed this person based on monthly records, we would know what he did in that month, but not on the exact dates of the month. Similarly, if we looked at activity based on weekly records, we'd be able to determine that he was using an activity sometime during that week, but not on the exact date that he used it.

I hate to burst your bubble if you thought otherwise. If you did, you should know that the only way to have detailed statistics for a long period of time is to collect the data continuously, like we do with ProfileTailor Dynamics LicenseAuditor.

This is How to Find Out What Activities a Person Has Been Using, in Practical Terms

Follow these simple steps:

1. Log into SAP.

2. Start T-Code ST03N (Workload Monitor).

3. Change the upper dropdown menu to "Expert Mode."

4. Open "Total" and choose the relevant time period (for example, the month of September).

5. Under "Analysis Views" below, choose "User and Settlement Statistics," and then "User Profile".

6. Double click on the desired user's name on the right.

7. In the window, you will have all the activities that were performed by this user during this period.

SAP ST03N User Profile by Xpandion

Need more information about SAP Licensing or SAP logs? Just ask our experts.

Dror Aviv joined Xpandion in 2010 as a programmer in the R&D team. Combining technical knowledge with implementation skills, Mr. Aviv serves today as a Senior Implementation Advisor, bringing with him extensive hands-on experience from the field. He works closely with customers at their sites, and is an expert in defining customer needs, translating them into business process and implementing them via ProfileTailor Dynamics’ suite of products.


  • Guest
    Guest 16/05/2014

    I have one question please : if a user log on to sap via web with small actions like release strategy for purchase order (me28), which type of license category we have to set ?
    In another word, is the license type depend on the way you connect to sap or the type of activities in SAP ?
    Thank you for your answer

  • Guest
    Dror Aviv 28/05/2014

    The common SAP contract doesn’t mention the way of communication, but only the type of usage. Basically, you should focus only on the performed functions and not on the type of access (remote, etc.) However, there may be some special clauses in your contract that define otherwise and we suggest that you thoroughly inspect your contract before making a decision about this.

    In the near future we are going to publish a complete eBook about SAP licensing, so keep your eye out for it.

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