Latest blog entries Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:57:20 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Pop quiz: How many types of SAP licenses are there? I’ll give you a minute to think.

Can you name three? Four? Your average SAP customer might list “employee,” “limited professional,” “professional,” or even “employee self service,” but these types are just a few of the wide range of licenses out there. The problem with not knowing your SAP license

how many sap license are there

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Emergency Access at 2am? Don’t Wake Me Up, Please! There’s a tricky little process with an innocent-sounding name, and it’s something that goes on in your organization far more frequently than you’d imagine. Can you guess what it is? It’s called “IT Access” (AKA “Emergency Access”) – and auditors love it. 

 IT access

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Need Additional SAP Licenses? Read This First!

There comes a point in time when an organization discovers it needs additional SAP licenses or that its current licenses are no longer covering its actual needs.

In most cases, a deep analysis of a company’s SAP licenses is conducted before the actual SAP audit occurs. The organization receives a letter from SAP regarding self-assessment and the CFO orders an internal inspection. Then the gaps are revealed.

Treat SAP Licensing as hidden cards

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How to Eliminate "Deceiving" Authorization Roles

If your organization has run an SAP system for three years or more, you probably suffer from what we like to refer to as “Deceiving Authorization Roles syndrome.”
SAP Authorization Roles with deceiving one
Whether you’re familiar with this pesky problem or not, maintaining authorization roles for a few years, adding and removing activities and authorization objects, and creating new ones and deleting others all create situations in which authorization roles have names that incorrectly represent their content. This can lead to SAP admins unintentionally granting users with the wrong authorizations.


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The #1 Fastest Way to Scare a Business User Programmers, have you ever wondered what the fastest way to scare a business user is? It’s easy – just put a breakpoint in your code so that when someone uses it, the program stops and reverts back to code level.
This is a surefire way to freak out business users, SAP implementers and even SAP authorizations users. From our experience, there’s nothing scarier for a non-programmer than to think their software is “broken.”

SAP editor presenting code without SAP authorizations

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3 Easy Ways to Prepare for the Event of Employee Leave “Leaving us so soon, Mr. Solo?” This famous quote might sound good in the movies, but in a business environment, the event of an employee leaving your company can cause some serious security issues if not treated properly. Let’s talk about why and what you can do to prevent these risky situations.


Two Types of Employee Leave

In general, there are two types of leave: planned leave and unplanned leave. Both are different and should be handled accordingly.

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Optimize Your SAP Licensing by Using Workflows Say the word “workflow” and most people would probably think you mean a step-by-step process that involves logistics processes or financial modules. Well… this is mostly true, but what about a workflow process for SAP licensing? From our experience, using a workflow here could lead to very interesting and surprising cost saving situations.


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Missing Data. Corrupted Data: 4 Tactics to Keep Your Data Clean SAP Licensing and Authorizations Managers: How do you know that your final report is not relying on corrupted data? Maybe you have a software tool that analyses the data for you – but is any data missing or corrupted to begin with? How do you know?


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SAP Authorizations IQ Quiz: The Results Spoiler Alert:
This blog details the scoring results and answers to the SAP Authorizations IQ Quiz. Take the quiz here.


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Five Major Mistakes That a GRC Professional Should Never Make If you’re in the GRC field and you’re asked to join a GRC project as a professional consultant, a team leader or a project manager – avoid these 5 major mistakes. If you don’t identify these situations beforehand, you might be put in an uncomfortable position that could hurt your reputation. Avoid them ahead of time to minimize your risks.


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